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The Trojan kilns are purpose built, medium to large scale kilns designed with just one thing in mind, perfect results. Everything about the Trojan is designed for purely casting results

Heat is provided from all 4 sides, the floor from under heavy duty tiles and from tubed elements in the roof.​

The heat from the elements is multi-zone controlled to ensure temperature uniformity across the entire volume.

Increased size ventilation ports in the roof are motorised and programmable to open and close at any point during the cycle via the temperature controller.

The kiln has extra insulation which follows the design principle that this kiln is designed to be asked to do cycles of many weeks at a time. The additional insulation serves two purposes, to assist in retaining heat during the long annealing periods and also to ensure that temperature changes in the Trojan are very smooth and stable.

The frame work is heavy duty even by our standards. Thick angle iron gives the frame a strong skeleton, there is then and internal stainless mesh panel and a powder coated external panel with an air gap in between for ventilation.

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