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About Us

Kilncare was formed in 1982 by kiln engineer Brian Sherwin, pictured here in the early 1970s in his service van, who had been in the kiln sector for over 20 years. Kilncare was primarily a kiln service company but soon expanded to include kiln design and manufacture. The values of family company care are held firmly by Brian and his son Lee, even as Kilncare continues to expand. Lee's son, Jake is now one of the electrical technicians here, so we have 3 generations of Sherwins now in the company.


Over 40 years later and Kilncare have a solid reputation for high quality, reliable kilns and second-to-none customer relations.

Based in Stoke on Trent (the home of ceramics) means that ceramics is very much in the bloodline of Kilncare with every member of staff here having one or more members of their family that have worked in the pottery industry over the years.

As you would expect from a kiln company from The Potteries, we have a huge wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to ceramics and ceramics kilns, and we believe that we can rival any company in the world on this front.

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Although we produce and sell kilns for ceramics and various other processes, it is the glass sector where we excel more than any other company in the U.K. where we are proud to be Britain's one, true, glass kiln specialist company. Our understanding of glass as a medium enables us to produce kilns that are ideal for this purpose.

Over the years we have become the chosen option for the most prestigious of glass artists and educational glass departments.

Kilncare is far more than a glass kiln manufacturer - we feel we are a part of British glass and as such are as much involved with the promotion of the medium as we are supplying its kiln requirements.

The commitment we have in supplying the Education, Craft and Specialist Markets is reflected in the quality of products that we provide. Our aim is to ensure that Customer Satisfaction remains our main priority.

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