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GX 300 FLAT.jpg

The Pro-fuser utilises Kilncare 2022 GX insulation system.

The step up from the Cub-Fuser, the Pro-Fuser has a much

larger chamber and a flat floor, allowing for easy loading on a

bigger scale than the smaller models. 

The Pro-fuser has fantastic performance. Due to its high performance, infra-red quartz elements

and well designed insulation, like the Hobbyfuser 3, the Pro-fuser will also make the all important 700c to 800c dash at a rate of nearly 450 degrees per hour even with the optional shelf installed.

This makes the Pro-fuser almost infinitely controllable ensuring the glass doesn't get "over-worked" by it being in the heat longer than is required.

Take a look at the Pro-Fuser, alongside it's siblings, the Hobby-Fuser and Cub-Fuser, being describe by one of our agents, Warm Glass UK.

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