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Kilncare Lehrs have been used in major hot shops for more than two decades and there have been gradual progressions as time has passed but 2022 saw the LK range take a major overhaul.

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                                GX 2022 Energy efficient version option.


                                The LK - GX version of the standard LK Lehrs

                                will be available in all sizes.

                                The LK - GX will offer far superior insulation

properties to the standard LK and the result can be anything up

to a 40% saving on heat loss through the insulation. This can

amount to a considerable monitory saving if the lehr is to be used regular.

Instead of the standard insulation in the100mm wall of the LK, the LK - GX has an additional 25mm of insulation and makes good use of ultra-high performance Micropor insulation.

This vast reduction in heat loss means that the elements and switch gear of the Lehrs will be operating far less than in a standard LK and so also means a reduction in wear of the components.

However, there is a pay off to this. Cooling. LK - GX lehrs will not be ready to open the following morning even with the automatic roof vent option taken. 

Custom Build Lehrs.


Something else that really adds to the appeal of the Lehrs is the options for custom build Lehrs.

Although the LK range is primarily a single, manual door designed range, we can provide Lehrs to suit the requirements or preference of the customer.

Lehrs can have double doors, hydraulic lift and drop doors or sideways slide doors.

Shown here are a couple of examples to show you the possibilities.

Contact us with your Lehr requirements.

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