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Don't be fooled by the name, the Hobbyfuser GEN4 is a serious glass kiln. The kiln is built for a long life span and we have no worries at all in issuing the kiln with a 4 year guarantee on all parts INCLUDING the elements.
When the kiln was in development it was run at 950°C and held for 1 hour over 40 times. At the end of the trial we stripped the kiln down and even we were amazed at the lack of deterioration we came across.


While we are on the subject of performance, The Hobbyfuser GEN4 does not suffer with the usual lazy, slow behavour associated with other large plug in kilns. Due to its high performance, infra-red quartz elements and well designed insulation, the Hobbyfuser GEN4 will make the all important 700c to 800c dash at a rate of nearly 450 degrees per hour even with the optional shelf installed. That is only 11 minutes and if a shelf is not used then that same dash can be made in an incredible 9 minutes. This makes the Hobbyfuser GEN4 almost infinately controlable ensuring the glass doesn't get "over-worked" by it being in the heat longer than is required.

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The changes on this incarnation of the Hobbyfuser are very

much hidden to the naked eye. The kiln is structurally identical to the Hobbyfuser 3 in every respect.


The big change is in the controller and the internal wiring. The GEN4 now uses the KCR32C which brings it inline with the rest of the "Fuser" family. This has required a full reworking of the kilns internal wiring and many components. These changes mean that the GEN4 can take full advantage of the Kilncare Gateway WIFI option which opens up a whole new way of kiln use.

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The Hobbyfuser is one of the most energy efficient plug in kilns available with a standard full fuse using as little as 5 units of electricity. No other kiln can offer this type can match those the credentials which is becoming more and more important in these modern times.

Take a look at how the Hobbyfuser compares with the Cub-fuser and Pro-fuser as described by one of our UK agents, Warm Glass UK.

Note. The Hobbyfuser Drop-out is a Warm Glass exclusive kiln.

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