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The GTA range is a range of Glass Casting Kilns that are precisely controllable to ensure accurate casting, yet versatile enough to manage a wide range of glass processes.

The GTA Range is ideal for all types of glass casting, but was actually designed with more serious and prolonged use in mind.

From top quality insulation, to top quality elements, to a controller that enables highly complex firings and Wi-Fi capability, to it's optional extras (like automatic dampers and multi-zone) this really is a seriously effective range of kilns.

The GTA-T truck kilns are versions of our GTA range with trolley style floors which enable far greater access to the kiln base to enable easier loading.


Other than the trolley style floor the kilns are a GTA in every other respect, built with strength and longevity in mind.

gta t 1.jpg

GTA-T kilns in location at Westminster Adult Education centre, London, U.K.

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