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The ECO-fuser is our most economical glass kiln to date. 
The ECO-fuser utilises Kilncare 2022 GX insulation system and will complete a standard full fuse using as little as 4kWh.
No other kiln can of this type can match those the credentials which is becoming more and more important in these modern times.

The ECO-fuser is designed to fulfil two requirements.

The first is to provide a plug-in kiln, with the same internal dimensions as the all-conquering Hobbyfuser, but with an easy load flat bed base.

The second is to provide ULTRA-efficient, low cost firing and by using GX insulation this is achieved.

The ECO-fuser will fire a standard fusing cycle on as little as 4 units of electricity without losing the performance features of the Hobbyfuser.

Although not the new ECO-fuser, Warm Glass have done a wonderfully informative video explaining details on the ECO-fusers siblings.

Note. The Hobbyfuser Drop-out mentioned on the video is a Warm Glass exclusive kiln.

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