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The Cub-fuser is not only the largest kiln available anywhere on a plug top but it is also one of the most efficient.
The Cub-fuser utilises Kilncare 2022 GX insulation system and will complete a standard full fuse using as little as 6kWh.
No other kiln can of this type can match those the credentials which is becoming more and more important in these modern times.

The Cub-fuser is here to take its place as, what we believe to be, the largest 13 amp glass kiln in the world that will follow the recommended firing schedules of the major art glass suppliers.
This is done by combining ultra high tech materials with superior design methods.

The Cub-fuser has all of the features that have become expected from the "fuser" family and is basically a reduced width Pro-fuser. This allows customers with limited space, but larger requirements than the Hobbyfuser can supply, to fulfill their artistic potential.

Take a look at how the Cub-fuser compares with the Hobbyfuser and Pro-fuser as described by one of our UK agents, Warm Glass UK.

Note. The Hobbyfuser Drop-out is a Warm Glass exclusive kiln.

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