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If you are a bead maker or flame worker this is the kiln for you.

Many hours, conversations and planning with major British

beaders and flame workers are to thank for the development 

of what we believe to be as good as a kiln can be to suit your

needs, ensuring that nothing has been overlooked. 


From it's superb efficiency (tests with its main competitor show

that the MAXI uses between 35% and 40% less electricity

over the same 8 hour garaging period and 5 hour annealing

cycle), to it's unique lowered floor, to it's removable rod

stabilisers and detachable racks (allowing 90 and over

beads to be annealed at the same time), this really is a unique

kiln made with a specific artist in mind.

Not only this, but you can also choose your colour!

In standard form the MAXI is Kilncare Ultramarine Blue and the

MAXIne  is pink (this kiln set a trend across the world).

However, you can choose your prefered colour for a small

colour change fee.

Simply get in touch with us with your colour requirement and if

we have it in our swatch then we can do your kiln in it.


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