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The IKON kilns are extremely efficient and utilise the Kilncare 2022 GX insulation system.
The IKON V46 can complete an
 average 1280c stoneware firing using only 18kWH.

When average just isn't good enough.


Kilns built in the heart of the potteries that have ceramics running through its

veins, this range is a dream for hobby-potters and professionals alike.

Hundreds of hours went into the design of the IKONs to ensure that they are

truly unmatched in terms of performance, reliability, longevity and structure.

From its uniquely recessed lid (helping to provide an ultra-reliable seal),

to its uniquely variable chamber exhaust that requires no bung, to the element power being kept in a separate panel from the main electrical components to ensure that the components are kept as cool as possible during the fire process, to the easy to use KCR32C controller (which also comes with an optional extra of Wi-Fi); the list of things that make this range truly premium goes on and on. As you can see, every little detail has been covered in ensuring that IKON is the pinnacle of plug-in pottery kilns.

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But don't just take our word for it!

Along with the IKON range's rapid rise in popularity since its release in 2019, more and more potters around the world are enjoying the benefits of these cutting-edge top-loading kilns.

One potter of note is the wonderful Keith Brymer Jones, who is Head of Design at MAKE International, is the designer behind the Keith Brymer Jones Word Range, and also very well known for his work as a judge on The Great Pottery Throw Down.

Here is what he has to say about his experience with his IKON V46 and Kilncare:

"I have to say it's brilliant. The firing ramp is very accurate, and the insulation is mind-blowing. I love it when you meet people with a passion".

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