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The FK range is where you find our larger capacity fusing and slumping kilns starting at the FK6 with internals of 1050mm x 1050mm x 265mm.

The combination of reliability, quality, reputation and high levels of recommendation keep the FK at the top of the pile. They are the most proven kilns made in the U.K.

The entire range is designed to reach 700c in around 40 minutes except the extreme sized versions. Although this is faster than most glass will withstand, it does help to quickly stabilize the kiln temperature if the lid has been opened whilst hot for raking etc.

The FK range is designed to be totally functional, simple and easily to maintain.
For instance, in the rare event of having to replace an element or tube, the lid is easily removed and the kiln is worked on like working on a bench, this is as easy as it gets and requires very little space around the kiln.

The lid seal is not stuck on but is held in by a removable stainless steel picture frame and as such, in the event of damage, it is fully replaceable leaving a factory fitted finish that will give years more trouble free use.

All FK kilns are fired to 800c with the chosen programmer before dispatch to ensure perfect operation, calibration and removal of most of the binder vapors that are released by all kilns on the first firing.

 Something that is also unique to the FK and FK-R ranges is the Kilncare Electri-lift system. 

This is anall electric remote lid lift which makes the opening and closing of the kiln chamber a simple press of a button. Simple as that.

However the system is far from simple and technologically advanced with internal overloads, regulators and also auto syncronisation to ensure that both sides of the chamber are lifted simultaneously.

The Electri-lift is powered directly from the kiln and does not require an additional electrical supply.

Feel free to take a look below:

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