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The Euro-fuser is a more than worthy member of the "fuser" family and joins the Hobbyfuser, Cub-fuser, Cub-fuser-D, Pro-fuser, Pro-fuser-D, Deluxe-fuser, Elite-fuser and Grand-fuser.

The "fuser" family kilns all sit at the pinnacle of their respective market sector in build quality, performance and reliability and the Elite-fuser does the same in its own sector. Two of the main features separating the Elite-Fuser from the rest of the fuser family are it's optional automatic roof vents, which will open and close at your pre-set demand, and the standard Wi-Fi enabled controller.

The Euro-fuser had almost 2 years of on-site testing before being released, it is now approaching two decades of faultless service.


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