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G160 Spraybooth

The G160 spraybooth has been designed for use in the classroom or small pottery workshop.
The booth is fitted with a 12" electric extractor fan which produces an air velocity of 250cf at the face. A washable heavy duty washable filter and ducting spigot is fitted as standard.

The G160 is only designed to be used with water based materials.

Please note these spray booths are designed to be ducted to atmosphere through ducting that meets your local government requirements. Please take into account these requirements when ordering this product. If you have an queries, please do not hesitate to contact our technical department who will be only to pleased to advise you.

G160 Spraybooth Specifications

Delivery Weight 80kg

Fan  0.1 Kw single phase 230 volts 50 Hz

Finish Durable powder coated

Filter Removable washable aluminium mesh

Dimensions 890 mm depth x 610 mm wide x1510mm high

Designed and built in the United Kingdom.

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