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In 1982 we started life as a kiln service company, and this is a tradition we have kept close to our hearts. Our name, reflects exactly that.

We can service, repair or add to your existing electric kiln no matter where you are in the U. K, and it is no problem if the kiln isn't ours.

We have dedicated service engineers who are fully qualified to work on your kiln. This can often be peace of mind for both the safety and reliability of your kiln. It can also be important for any possible insurance company requests.

Work can range from a simple element replacement, controller replacement or new fitting, Health and Safety checks, basic or scheduled service and repair.

Each job is issued with a report on the electrical and structural safety/condition of the kiln.

Remember, if you don't want us to come to you, then you can bring your kiln to us at The Kiln Spa.

You can contact our service team directly with your enquiry at

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