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G122 SEND Jigger Jolley Machine

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

 G122 SEND Jigger Jolley Machine Specifications

Delivery Weight 140kg

Thread size on main shaft 1" BSW

Construction Fabricated steel construction with cast alloy Jigger arm and tool mount

Dimensions 720 mm long x 820 mm wide x Variable height

Drive 1 HP with variable speed control

The G122 jigger and jolly machine was specifically designed to be completely adaptable so that it can be used for educational and rehabilitation purposes.

The G122 was designed from the G120E but adapted to allow for the operator to be seated, in a wheelchair or in the standing position. The G122 is fully adjustable in height to accommodate the various operating positions by means of a crank handle at the back of the machine. It is also fitted with gas assisted struts to aid with adjustment.

The G122 is fully mobile and will fit through a standard doorway, it has been fitted with screw down feet to raise the castor wheels off the ground and also to level the machine.

The construction is of a very sturdy steel fabricated design, the splash tray is fitted with a fold down front, allowing access to the plaster mould if the operator is in the seated position.

The G122 is powered by a quiet and powerful motor and gear box which has variable speed control from 400 rpm, the operators control box is adjustable for position and all the switch gear has been designed to be operated in the standing or seated position. The switch gear is also to a IP 55 standard, making it extremely safe.

A full range of tooling and mould making services are available.

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